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Film and Television Institute For Parents and Students...🎭🎞️πŸ“½️🎬

  Hello Friends, Today's topic is most interesting and most lovable for all of us....Yess it's non other than  " Film And Television Institute For Parents and Students.. " πŸŽ­πŸ“½️🎬🎞️...      Film and Television is very close to heart topic of everyone ..No one have escaped from its trap ,so how can students and parents will ??  This is Film and Television has always been on the top in the list of entertainment..Right ?????  And one can't deny the fact that now every single person is becoming crazy behind watching the newly released movie or film at the theatre.     Film and Television has immensely occupied the lives of the people that may be of any one like students, parents, children, elders, youngsters etc...before diving deep into the topic let's discuss first the 2 side of this coin ,as all of us knows that " Every coin has two sides.."         Speaking from the positive point of view -  1) it showcases the talent ,art of the different kinds of

SWOT ANALYSIS - A Key Factor In Career.......✍️

       Hello friends,               Welcome once again to my blog...You         might have gone through my previous articles and I hope you must have found it helpful....In today's article I am going to write on "SWOT ANALYSIS" .... SWOT ANALYSIS Brief View..         First of all I would like to split S,W,O,T contains in SWOT word what that word suggests us..??then we will move towards its in-depth analysis after considering its scope and importance in sectors like ,Business,Carporates, Institutions ,Self etc...So please go through this article till the end... S - Strength W - Weakness O - Opportunity T - Threat     Let's ellaborate all this terms individually -  * Strength -         1) Business Perspective - it means " That plus or positive point which is advantageous for the progress of the business over its competitors.."its good to have strength for long term so that one can easily cope up with the difficulties comes in the way... E.g.

Memorable Monsoon Days...🌹😍☔🌧️🌈☕🍁

Wowww Rainy Season ./ Monsoon... πŸŒ‚☕.....?????πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Hello Friends,         Today's topic is truly too much close to everyone's heart and life....You might have think that,All of us have already heard and read about "Rainy Days..." Or at the time of Schooling all of us must have written an essay on this topic....but today's Rainy Season is quiet different from it...I am sure you gonna love it reading..You will definitely recall Or remember all those past gone days which we had lived in...πŸŒ‚☂️πŸ˜„...So let's dive into this Monsoon.... πŸ‘‡☂️....                 So Let's start with our 1st monsoon when we were in school....just try to recollect that past monsoon moments....Wowww...When the earth or the people felt too sunny or hot🌀️ and sooner The atmosphere become Cloudy🌦️, and within lesser time it's start Rainning🌧️⛈️ .....☔... Infinite Raindrops started appearing the earth's surface....all human beings were too excited to feel that

Have a look On Punctuality Be On Time........✍️

                  HELLO FRIENDS, πŸ™‹          Today I have come up with another interesting topic which is worth more in almost every sector like Corporate, banking, Schools, Institutions etc.....In my previous articles you might have gone through How to develop habit,what is habit ?? Etc... I hope you must like it..😜 in this article also I am going to share such valid points about time or Punctuality...                Let's first understand why do we have to give such prominence to Time or Punctuality ? ?πŸ€”πŸ€” ...... As it plays a vital role in every part of our life, And we all of us knows that" Time has much more worth ,more heeling power over anything.." Being on time brought us near or more closer to our Aim,Goal,Dream etc....Hence,we must have to act accordingly......              So,first of all let's understand what exactly Punctuality means ?????? It is that phenomena where one needs to reach to a certain destination or have to fulfill th

How Social Media Influencing Our Lives....✍️

    Hello friends, πŸ™‹      I have come up with another interesting topic and which is going to make you think about it so let's move on to the topic...πŸ‘‡        Yes in Today's blog I am going to stress upon " Social Media "... I am going to share here how social media is influencing our daily lives ,changing our mindsets ,changing our way of thinking even way of behaving, changing our attitude so on and so forth.......         Social Media the name itself tells us that Social means connecting with people and Media means through some mediator or medium on virtual basis...All of us knows that it has covered almost each and every corner of the world, and became the integral part of everyone's life...       The question might have arise in your mind, that Is connecting with people is really bad ?? πŸ€”πŸ€” Let me tell you guys, I am not totally against it ..and connecting with people although on virtual ground doesn't bad ok,As it's totally


Hello friends,    After long days gap,I came up with new so relatable topic is " COMFORT ZONE" .... So let's get started our today's topic..       Everyone of us wants to live Comfortably at our own pace, without struggling, without taking any kind of hardwork just we want, that things goes smoothly without ever stepping out of our ease.. That's nothing but the Comfort Zone...      So before moving ahead let me elaborate it briefly that What exactly Comfort Zone is?? All of us have heard this word at many times,at many places so what is means??πŸ€”πŸ€”....So here I am to tell you in detail let's move on...          COMFORT ZONE - " It is a psychologic state of mind where, person is at its ease and having low level of stress where steady level of performance is possible to happen "... Or "  Boundries created by our ownselves , for our ownselves where, everything is happening smoothly without even applying any efforts t


         Hello, Hey What's Up guys .....!✌️✌️πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ™‹I                  hope you all are good and safe at your                let's get started the topic to talk on....πŸ‘‡           Today's topic which I am going to share my view is quiet different ...I have chosen this topic to talk on because I really felt that I must speak out about those things which are really going wrong ..that may be in any industry ,in any sector like bollywood, corporate etc...Noone is really don't cared about these things which I am going to talk on... because, everyone is showing that we are busy in our lives,and we don't have time to interact ,to understand someone's feeling ...I was thinking to wrote an article on this topic after one suicide case came infront of all of us few days back...πŸ™          I think you might have got an idea what I am going to talk on further....? So ,Yes..I am here want to express my views about that scenario and it's my kind e